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Pokemon Go

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I know a number of us are playing, I've never played prior and am only dabbling. But this morning I caught a CP 201 scyther. Is that a good thing?  I was level 6 at the time.
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Haven't caught a scyther yet as they seem to be somewhat rare in Europe, but have seen it on the tracker. At any rate, getting a lvl 201 as lvl 6 trainer is pretty good. Bet it cost you a few red balls :P.

The most abundant here are Pidgey, Rattata, Weedle, Caterpie, Drowzee, Zubat, Paras, and Spearow. It's a shame they don't all have the same names as japaneese version of the cartoon series (which we're watching atm just for kicks and giggles).

Also, name your Eevees Rainer, Pyro and Lightning before evolving them and they will turn in to Water, Fire and Electricity (works 100% first time you evolve the 3, after that it seems more random).

Using the power save mode will bug the app more times than not (at least for Android).

Capture or join up to 8 gyms i.e. on the way home from work before claiming the coins, this will give you 80 coins rather than 10 coins "now" and more after 21 hours. Then it doesn't matter if you loose a few on the way, it's still more than 10 :)

Enjoy all the extra exercise. I went from lvl 1 to 17 in 10 days and haven't used a cent on the game (free data for the win :D)
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