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Officer List

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Guild Organization:


1. GM- Mediicus
2. XO- Deanera, Roguebarret (Banker)
3. Officer

-Dunkan (Event Coordinator)
- Roste (Alts: Jaidelynn, Serena) (General Officer/Recruitment) Former GM
-Rogtar (PvP Officer)

4. Conquistador (Help organize conquests, have permission to set invasions)
5. Benefactor
6. Epic Champion (Custom rank based on event winner)

Stercus- Epic Racer, Swoop Race Event
Avlon- Pony Liberator, Guild Origin Story Event
Avlon- PonyShop Artist, Guild Logo contest (current)

7. Recruiter
8. Members
9. Recruit
10. Alternate
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Known Officer Alts:

If you are looking to find an officer, or if you're looking for someone to whisper to join the guild you have a few options:
1) if you're a subscriber, you can /cjoin gec to get our custom chat channel.  Most officers are on that.
2) Find an officer either as above, or on one of their known alts:

Mediicus (Main, Sage heals)
-Medii'saber (Sentinel DPS)
-Flyingduck (Vanguard Tank)
-Jannelle (Gunslinger DPS)
-Medii'cat (Shadow Tank)
-Jin'dall (Merc DPS)
-Jin'back (Operative Heals)
-Jin'sai (Assassin Tank)
-Jin'die (Juggernaut Tank)

Jaidelynn (Main, Sentinel DPS)
-Roste (Gunslinger, DPS)
-SerenĂ¡ (Sage, Heals)
-Vivian (Assassin, DPS)

Rogtar (Main, Vanguard DPS)
-Arky (Sentinel DPS)
-Agola (Scoundrel Healer)
-Ratgor (Sniper DPS)
-Rogly (Juggernaut Tank)
-Jinkae (Sage Healer)

Dunkan (Main, Gunslinger DPS)
-Aeurelius (Commando Healer)
-Vaelya (Shadow DPS)
-Sofae (Guardian DPS)
-Caellestis (Scoundrel Healer)
-Tsundereism (Sentinel DPS)
-Dunkthulu (Sage DPS)
-Sayuriko (Consular DPS)
-Tim'Howard (Knight DPS)
-Iola (Marauder DPS)
-Drunkan (Operative Healer)
-Cicelia (Sorcerer Healer)
-Caelium (Powertech DPS)
-Adelaide (Sniper DPS)
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